NEWS: Gingerline announces TV Dinners Experience

The company will present its new experience at the newly opened
IMMERSIVE | LDN from November.

Gingerline have released details of their latest immersive experience TV Dinners, tickets for which will go on sale on the 14th October.

Opening in Central London in November, Gingerline’s TV Dinners will be a nostalgic 1990’s experience, complete with a unique menu that Gingerline is renowned for.

The experience will be the first to take place in the newly opened IMMERSIVE | LDN–a three floor, immersive theatre and event space in the West End and offers guests a four course meal set in a gameshow format.

Audiences must be ready for anything but a boring sit-down meal.As contestants, theybattle it out during two hours of funto pit their wits and showcase their skills of appetite, ability and culinary savvy, set over four competitive rounds of food-based,high-spirited fun.

Those attending will be hosted by Mitch and Madge Glimmer alongside their trusted sidekick,“the micro-wave with the maxi brain -the Snack-a-Max 2000”.

Meanwhile, the menu for the experience is created by Gingerline’s sister company and food partner Flavourology with Executive Chef, Jenny McNeill.

Gingerline’s TV Dinners will take place in central London from November. For more information visit:

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