Review Round Up: Noises Off, Garrick Theatre

Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews for the West End transfer of Jeremy Herrin’s production.

(c)Helen Maybanks. **** “It’s unashamedly slapstick, mired in crummy 80s mores, there’s no learning moment, and you won’t leave the theatre a better person.But you might just feel better about the impending end of the world.”

The Times: **** “Jeremy Herrin’s production, opening in the West End after a run at the Lyric Hammersmith, is precision-tooled, balletic and, certainly to those approaching it for the first time, gut-bustingly funny.”

Londonist: ** “Unfortunately, the whole thing seems dated. The best recent comedies Fleabag, Peep Show and even Only Fools and Horses, which was recently staged, work because they operate on both comic and tragic levels and that makes things funnier and sadder and more powerful ultimately. Here, it’s all about the slapstick. As Lloyd the director observed, it’s all about ‘doors, sardines and boxes’. A story on the roles we play, our Shakespearean ‘entrances and exits’ may have been touching, but it’s all too literal here.”

A Younger Theatre: ***** “We clutch our chests, throw our heads back and for a moment achieve blissful clarity about the incredible world we occupy when stepping into the theatre. Yet underneath rests an enduring lesson about endurance, professionalism, the arts, and of course… sardines!”

The Independent: **** ” This is the “play gone wrong” par excellence.

The Arts Desk: **** ” Though Herrin’s direction sometimes pushes the comedy too broadly, it pays off with the lightning-fast slapstick, the cast’s contact lens dance, the resounding door slams, and the silent pantomime that swerves in and out of total disaster (a cactus does find its victim, an axe only just misses). Together, it renders viewers helpless with laughter – and is there any better feeling?”

London ***** “The play remains a laughter-generating machine, and this production will likely prove to be a money-generating one for its producers all over again.”

Evening Standard: **** “You could watch this play a thousand times and never spot every visual gag or clever twist, but familiarity does mean you notice its technical workings more. Noises Off is always funny, but it’s always funniest the first time. I envy those discovering it in Herrin’s production — you’re in for a rib-splitting treat.”

The Spy in the Stalls: **** “It might leave you wondering why anyone would get involved in the game of theatre. But it’s the precariousness of live theatre itself that will always be the most entertaining thing on stage.”

Noises Off will play at the Garrick Theatre until the 4th January 2020. To book tickets click here or visit: Love Theatre.comTheatre Tickets the Box OfficeEncore TicketsSee Tickets or Last

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