REVIEW: Journey to the Underworld, Funicular Productions, Pedley Street Station

Enjoy a sinfully good journey to the underworld thanks to a sumptuous menu created by Masterchef the Professionals finalist Louisa Ellis and suitably gothic fairytale story in between courses.

Arriving just in time for Halloween, Funicular’s Journey to the Underworld is packed with plenty of frights, fantastic video design elements and food that is almost too sinfully good to be true.

From the second that you step into the station, guests are completely immersed in the dark journey that they are about to embark on, invited to buy a drink at the bar where cocktails such as ‘Lust’ and ‘Greed’ are on offer to help steady the nerves and to help set the tone for what lies ahead. All of the visual details are a delight (with one or two surprises along the way) and certainly provide a talking point out on the platform.

After being introduced to conductor Claude and his assistant Gordy, guests are taken onboard the train carriage to enjoy a delicious four course meal, featuring a menu created by Louisa Ellis as a gothic story of love and redemption unfolds on our way to the underworld.

What keeps this immersive dining and theatre experience enjoyable is the level of imagination and thought that has gone into the story, video animation designs and characterisations that keep the audience thoroughly intrigued from start to finish – with a few twists along the way. There is a high level of professionalism throughout from all those involved, with the food being served swiftly from course to course without ever feeling rushed.

The food is of the highest quality – filled with plenty of variety and texture, with particular highlights being the black garlic gnocchi, wild mushrooms, truffle and nasturtium and the chocolate ganache for desert. For our final meal on our way down to Hell – it was sinfully delicious.

While there is plenty of audience interaction throughout, it is kept very relaxed and there is an intimate feel about the whole experience that is pleasing but to say anymore about what exactly happens would actually ruin the surprise of taking part.

The tone of the show is wonderfully atmospheric and mysterious, helped by the fully committed performances from the cast (who are clearly enjoying their roles a lot) who manage to keep the whole experience believable that it is difficult to come back to reality once you leave the train.

For those looking to do something a little bit different this is an experience you don’t want to miss and will leave you with plenty to talk about. A genuinely entertaining way to spend an evening.

By Emma Clarendon

Journey to the Underworld continues to depart at Pedley Street Station until the 10th November.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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