First Look at… 50th Anniversary Audio Recording of Up Pompeii!

Images have been released from the 50th anniversary audio recording of Frankie Howerd comedy, ‘Up Pompeii’.

(c)Kim Jones

The images see the cast performing for the 50th anniversary recording of the classic comedy Up Pompeii! which is set to be released on the 29th November.

(c)Kim Jones.

The cast for this new recording is led by David Benson who plays one of Frankie Howerd’s best known comedy roles Lurcio the ancient Roman slave. He is joined by Frazer Hines as Ludicrus Sextus, Cleo Rocos as Suspenda, Tim Brooke-Taylor OBE as Captain Treacherus, Jack Lane as Nausius, Madeline Smith as Ammonia, Camille Coduri as Voluptua, Rosa Coduri as Erotica, Jilly Breeze as Senna, Ben Perkins as Corneous and Barnaby Eaton-Jones as Kretinus.

(c)Kim Jones.

Up Pompeii; A 50th Anniversary Audio Revival will be released 29th November 2019. It can be pre-ordered with this link –…/up-pompeii-a-50th-anniversary…/

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