Robert Downey Jr is set to star as the Doctor who can talk to animals in this new re-make of the beloved story.

Having had the 1967 version starring Rex Harrison and the 1998 version starring Eddie Murphy, it would be fair to ask the question whether this particular version is actually needed. However, it certainly seems that in this era in which the environment and looking after it as well as trying to protect animals from poaching that perhaps the story has taken on a whole new relevancy.

This newly released trailer for Stephen Gaghan’s film set for release next year, while highlighting the lavishness of the CGI techniques used also focuses on the bond between human and the animal world which is quite touching to see as the Doctor is made to travel the world in search for a cure for the young queen who has fallen seriously ill.

Throughout this sharply edited trailer, it feels as though the delay in the release (it was set to be released in May this year), perhaps has allowed more time to smooth out potential rough edges of the story to come up with something that will be visually stunning as well as being a compassionate story and adventure.

Having looked at the cast list, this film has been brilliantly cast (although the majority of whom will be appearing in animal form. But leading the way in the title role, Robert Downey Jr is (in my mind anyway) the perfect choice – as this is a role that will allow him to embrace the eccentric side to his acting ability which adds colour to the role that he plays (particularly as previously seen in his completely unique take on Sherlock Holmes). Elsewhere, this is a very star orientated cast list and it will be interesting to see how they bring their characters to life vocally – particularly with the likes of Ralph Fiennes, Rami Malek and Emma Thompson involved. It will also be interesting to see Jessie Buckley’s (who delivers a fine performance in Judy) interpretation of Queen Victoria.

Overall, it feels like a lavish family adventure film that will be enjoyable to watch from start to finish. Can’t wait for it to be released.

Doolittle is set to be released next year.


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