Five Minutes With… Millie O’Connell

The actress chatted to us about Soho Cinders, which plays at the Charing Cross Theatre from the 24th October.

Hi Millie, for anyone not familiar with the show what is Soho Cinders about? 2019 in Soho, Cinderella story! LGBTQ+ meets politics. A love story unwound. 

What was it about the story that made you want to be involved with this production? When I first read the audition material – which was a few scenes from the show – I just knew I had to be seen for this! Honestly, had me hooked by the first scene! 

Could you tell me more about the character that you play? I fell in love with Velcro immediately when I read her lines. She is the heart of it, tough love and humour carries her through. I love her already!

What can we expect musically from the show? This score is STUNNING! Stiles and Drew have honestly made such a beautiful show. The music is full of amazing harmonies and brilliant metaphors. It’s an absolutely joy to sing. It’s so fun!

How does it feel to be swapping SIX for Soho Cinders? I’m really enjoying Soho Cinders! I love having my head stuck in a new script. It’s such a great feeling to work with these brilliant cast and creatives too. 

How have you found working on the production so far? The company is fantastic. Again, been blessed with such a beautiful, talented, grounded group of people. We can already feel the family vibes happening!

What can audiences expect from this production? This story is just full of LOVE. The journey of a boy in Soho, struggles, happiness, love. addressing so many things that are currently happening – it really is a beautiful twisted love story of Cinderella. It’s fab!

By Emma Clarendon

Soho Cinders will play at the Charing Cross Theatre from the 24th October until the 21st December

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