NEWS: Above the Stag Theatre Announces 2019 Pantomime

The theatre will present Pinocchio: No Strings Attached! from the 19th November.

Now ten years into programming and adult pantomime for the festive season, Above the Stag has confirmed details of its 2019 offering Pinocchio No Strings Attached!.

A spell transforms Pinocchio into a real boy, and sends him on a great adventure. But soon he discovers he has a very peculiar affliction: whenever he tells a lie, Pinocchio starts to grow – in a very embarrassing place.

Filled with rude and irreverent comedy, songs, slapstick, spectacle and sweet-throwing, Pinocchio: no Strings Attached! will see Matthew Baldwin returning for his seventh Above the Stag pantomime to star as Geppetta. The cast also includes Christopher Lane and Briony Rawle, who as well as being regulars in the pantomimes at Above the Stag, also star in the long-running global phenomenon Sh!tfaced Shakespeare.

This year’s festive show has been written by Jon Bradfield and Martin Hooper, featuring original songs by Jon Bradfield. Talking about Pinocchio No Strings Attached! co-writer Jon Bradfield said: “The original story of Pinocchio, written in 1881 is about a boy who is different to other boys, and who is seduced by the lure of the theatre. So, it’s ripe for a queer adult retelling. It’s also full of iconic moments – the whale, Toyland, and most memorably, what happens when Pinocchio lies – that we’re really looking forward to honouring. Or dishonouring.”

Meanwhile, the production is set to be directed by Andrew Beckett, Above The Stag’s Artistic Director and designed by David Shields.

Pinocchio No Strings Attached! Will play at Above the Stage from the 19th November until the 11th January.

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