Interview With…Josef Davies

Love London Love Culture’s Emma Clarendon spoke to the actor about starring in the world premiere of Shook at the Southwark Playhouse.

Hi Josef – how does it feel to be part of this world premiere production? It’s very exciting! I always love being part of something new and exciting. Working on a new play or show is always so great, because you really get the satisfaction of the audience’s response and find something new with it every time. 

Could you explain a bit more about what Shook is about? Shook is a play that really dives into a certain type of young man in our community, who need answers and support. It’s really great to be able to work on something that informs us about issues that aren’t faced on a day-to-day basis.

What did you think of the play when you first read it? When I first read the play I knew it was going to be a challenge, but was also going to be something extremely fun and important. Every character has such a defined personality that’s electric on stage.

Can you tell me more about your character Jonjo – what is he like to play? Jonjo is a scared young man, forced into a situation and a path that he has never wanted to be in. He’s reserved, extremely vulnerable, and clearly has a streak of anger that he tries to hold back. He’s very engaging to play.

Why did you want to be involved with Shook? I wanted to be in Shook because it’s important and challenging. It will move people and change their perception on things, which in my opinion is what theatre and art are all about. 

What can we expect from the production? Expect to be moved, to laugh (it’s very very funny), and to coming away with a new mindset towards people in danger and in need of help.

By Emma Clarendon

Shook will play at the Southwark Playhouse from the 30th October until the 23rd November.

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