Interview With…Emma Whittaker

The actress chatted to Love London Love Culture’s Emma Clarendon about starring in The Green Fairy at the Union Theatre.

Hi Emma, what can we expect from The Green Fairy? You can expect some great music, with a wonderful cast, and an interesting story that
anyone who has felt a little bit lost in London can relate to!

What did you think of the story when you first read it? I thought it was a very realistic, relatable story with well-rounded characters.

How would you describe Jack Sain and Stephen Libby’s score? I think it’s unlike any other musical score. It definitely has folk and jazz influences, with very catchy tunes, but it also goes to unexpected places at times.

What are you most looking forward to about bringing The Green Fairy to the Union Theatre? I am really excited to perform with this wonderful cast! I also love performing new work – there’s always something thrilling about being the first person to play a character, and to be
there when the first audience experiences the show!

Could you tell me more about your character? I play the central character, Jo, in her younger years – teenager-mid 20s. She’s smart, funny,
and a little rough around the edges. We first meet Jo in the present day, so it’s interesting to go back to see her as a young woman in the late 90s/early 2000s, and explore who she was then, and how the choices she made and the people in her life formed the person we see

Have you a favourite song or moment from the show? I really like the song Happy Hour – it’s a very complicated song for us actors, as it shows the
passage of time over four years, but it’s very rewarding to perform as it is a key moment for my character.

Why should people come along and see the show? Because I think it will appeal to everyone! It’s a relatable story about growing up in London, feeling a little lost and wondering about the path not taken. It is funny and endearing, and also touches on issues such as sexuality, addiction and mental health, and has a lot of heart to it. There is great music, a multi-talented cast and a set that makes you believe you’re in a cosy pub. What more can you ask from a night out?!

By Emma Clarendon

The Green Fairy continues to play at the Union Theatre until the 23rd November.

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