Review Round Up: The Aeronauts

Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne reunite for this new film directed by Tom Harper as a pilot and scientist who aim to fly higher than anyone else has been before. Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews…

Empire: **** ” If it stutters in its attempts to round out its thin characters with backstory, it soars with an old-school spirit of adventure and possibility, topped off with grandstanding filmmaking from Tom Harper.”

The Times: ** “Everything around the action scenes, however, is a terrible slog. The central premise is a conceptual sow’s ear that features Redmayne as the real-life meteorologist James Glaisher who, on September 5, 1862, made a record-breaking balloon flight (possibly as high as 35,000ft) with his co-pilot, Henry Coxwell.”

The Observer: **** ” it’s Jones who instantly steals the show as Wren, a resourceful pilot and defiant show-woman whose instincts trump Glaisher’s research-based approach. Redmayne remains subdued, displaying only the subtlest wisp of emotion when the duo find themselves submerged in a cloud.”

The Guardian: *** “It is a film with charm and the chemistry between Jones and Redmayne has something rather platonic and even sibling-like, but that isn’t to say there isn’t a spark of sorts. But really, this is like a theatrical two-hander if those terrific special effects are underplayed.”

The Telegraph: ** “Hot air balloons are magical things, fragile-looking bubbles that defy gravity with little more than stitched silk and hope. A film about its pioneers, the first people to test human endurance at altitude, should be a giddy delight. Unfortunately, this fictionalised take on a famous flight gives us spectacle without substance, floating out of the memory as soon as it passes off the screen.”

The Upcoming: ** “Granted, The Aeronauts is resonant in its knowledge that our natural world can never be truly conquered, and holds up the bravery of scientists who trust their intuition that there is more to be discovered. But their altitude-inducing hallucinations and heroic actions are washed away by this too-high-budget movie, as it follows a balloon drifting insurmountably high.” *** “a visually stunning example of how one strong female lead can carry a film off to dizzying heights, even when that film is otherwise lacking.”

NME: *** “Redmayne and Jones have crackling chemistry, which works even better when they’re crushed together in a basket. They thwack their lines off each other, as mutual frustration gives way to deep trust.”

Irish Times: **** “But the Victoriana is so well assembled, the action so thrilling and the tone so good-natured that only boobs will bother to care. A treat.”

Time Out: **** “‘The Aeronauts’ may stretch the phrase ‘inspired by true events’ to new, erm, heights, and its characters remain unknowable until the final stretch, but the visuals, derring-do and on-screen chemistry is all fizz. Catch this unusual period piece on the big screen and you’ll find such liberty-taking easy to forgive.”

The Aeronauts is released in cinemas on the 4th November.

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