Review Round Up: The Good Liar

Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews for Bill Condon’s film starring Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen.

The Guardian: **** “This mystery thriller is outrageous and irresistible, an old-fashioned drama with dashes of Patricia Highsmith, Patrick Hamilton, John le Carré and maybe Elizabeth Jane Howard’s memoir Slipstream.”

Variety: “Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen deliver an acting duet to die for in Bill Condon’t delectably clever and civilized con-artist thriller.”

Irish Times: ** “McKellen and Mirren seem to be having a good time, despite the poverty of the material. Director of photography Tobias A. Schliessler (Friday Night Lights, A Wrinkle in Time) and composer Carter Burwell provide solid tech specs.”

The Telegraph: ** “The film’s twists, alas, fall into one of two categories – the obvious and the tasteless – and the side-orders of gruesome violence feel like they’ve been delivered to quite the wrong table.” “Ian McKellen is delightful company as a smooth schemer who’s targeting Helen Mirren’s wealthy widow, but it’s not hard to see the twists coming — and when they arrive, they don’t justify the time spent in order to get there.”

Hollywood Reporter: “If the movie holds your attention, it’s thanks to McKellen’s mischievousness and Mirren’s peerless elegance — qualities these two actors project and embody without the tiniest trace of effort. Technical contributions, meanwhile, are smooth right down the line. The Good Liar is a well-oiled machine with no real function.”

Empire: *** “It may be a shaggy-dog story, with occasional lapses into melodrama, but Mirren and McKellen are on sparkling form, and when a film aimed primarily at pensioners employs both the C-word and gory injury detail, you can’t accuse it of being boring.”

The Good Liar is released in cinemas on the 8th November.

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