Review Round up: The Irishman

Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews for Martin Scorsese’s new film.

The Guardian: ***** “No one but Scorsese and this glorious cast could have made this movie live as richly and compellingly as it does, and persuade us that its tropes and images are still vital.”

RTE: ***** “The Irishman is quintessential Scorsese and it feels like something special; the kind of film so excellently crafted that it feels both new and nostalgic.” *** 1/2 “Admirable as it is to see Scorsese committing to self-contained scenes that often unfurl like deadpan comedy sketches, the many digressions, marvelous as they are, come at the expense of fleshing out the canvas.”

Empire: ***** “There is little in the gangster canon (perhaps the end of The Godfather Part II) or Scorsese’s back-catalogue to match the surprise or emotional wallop of the ending. The result is a master working at the top of his game.”

BFI: “The Irishman features bravura dolly and travelling shots and the use of intertitles humorously describing how various mobsters met their ends. But it is less stylised than most Scorsese films.”

The Telegraph: ***** “A clever framing device keeps bringing us back to a 1975 road trip he and Bufalino take with their wives, which immediately allows De Niro and Pesci, who’s tremendous, to rekindle their old, bone-deep chemistry from Raging Bull, Goodfellas and Casino. Their scenes together are a gift – like discovering a new album by your favourite broken-up band.”

The Independent: ***** “As much as The Irishman lives in the shadows of Scorsese’s past, it’s slower and more solemn than what’s come before.” **** “The Irishman is a beautifully made film.It is also very slow.”

NME: **** “If this is to be Pesci, De Niro and Scorsese’s final fling together, then they couldn’t wish to end on a better note. The director’s 26th feature film is a meditative and classy offering. Hollywood’s old cronies are still the real deal – magnetic, riveting and unique. Let’s hope we see them again soon.”

Den of Geek: ***** ” The Irishman is nothing less than a monumental film from a master of cinema.” “The Irishman doesn’t fully earn its epic running time, and a subplot featuring Sheeran’s attentive daughter, Peggy (Lucy Gallina as a girl, Anna Paquin grown up), isn’t woven gracefully into the narrative. She’s his conscience, and the device sticks out. But if the movie is overlong, it’s not overscaled.” **** “Like the digitally de-aged visages of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino that occupy so much of the screen time in Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman, the movie itself is one in which surface vitality is bolstered by the lifetime of experience informing it.”

Rolling Stone: ***** “Scorsese is more focused on these criminal lions in winter, their bodies in disrepair, their deeds and names forgotten, their hearts and minds leveled by the march of time. Whether you catch The Irishman in theaters or on Netflix (it starts streaming on November 27th), you’ll be watching Scorsese at the peak of his powers directing giants. It’s unmissable.”

The Irishman is released in select cinemas today and streams on Netflix from the 27th November.

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