Review Round Up: Leonardo: Experience a Masterpiece, National Gallery

Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews for the National Gallery’s immersive exhibition exploring the creation of ‘The Virgin of the Rocks’.

Leonardo: Experience a Masterpiece, commissioned & produced by the National Gallery and created by 59 Productions. Photo by National Gallery. ** “As layer-after-layer of the painting is peeled back, ceiling projections and art studio ephemera add to the sense of theatre in the darkened room.”

Evening Standard: ** “it’s the gallery’s first attempt at providing this kind of digital show. But it’s still, I’m afraid, a mess. It’s billed as Leonardo: Experience a Masterpiece, and the Virgin of the Rocks is just that.”

The Telegraph: ** “Let me say from the off that I admire, even applaud, the thinking behind the National Gallery’s new “immersive” exhibition, Leonardo: Experience a Masterpiece, which focuses, in depth, upon the Renaissance artist’s The Virgin of the Rocks (an earlier, so-called “prime” version of the painting can be seen at the Louvre).”

Time Out: ** “here’s the fundamental problem: people already came to ‘experience a masterpiece’, without the VR jazz. And they did so because – oh, yes – it’s a masterpiece.”

The Upcoming: *** “It’s all quite interesting. But, fundamentally, it seems a bit pointless. The digital aspects of the “experience” give some useful information, and kids will probably enjoy playing around with the lighting of the different objects. But with ticket prices ranging from £16-£20, it seems a bit cheeky to ask visitors to pay through the nose to see a painting that usually hangs on the wall of the free-to-visit collection, with a few added digital extras.”

Leonardo: Experience a Masterpiece is on display at the National Gallery until the 12th January 2020.

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