Love London Love Culture’s Emma Clarendon chatted to the actress about her role in #WeAreArrested at the Arcola Theatre.

(c) Lydia Crisafulli

Hi Indra, could you explain more about what #wearearrested is about? It’s a true story about a Turkish journalist Can Dündar and his need and passion and right to tell the truth. In a society where governments and people in positions of power imprison, even kill our truth tellers, it’s about a time we live in now. A time of fake news and fear. A story that could be set in any part of the world right now.

How does it feel to be part of this production? It feels vital, important and urgent. Having grown up myself as the daughter of a social political film and documentary maker Can Dündar’s story really resonated with
me. The need to expose the truth and the risks and costs of doing that, and the impact on the family all had a familiarity to me. I feel lucky to be an actor, a truth teller telling Can Dündar’s and many other journalist’s truths. I feel impassioned and motivated using the theatre space as a political platform.

What was it about the story that made you want to be part of #wearearrested? His honesty . His words . His love . His courage . His commitment . His imagination . His hope. His family. His fight . His need to tell this story now and make it universal made me want to be part of this production . It was irresistible.

What can we expect from this production? It’s an insightful , moving , funny and shocking thriller . An up close and personal journey into the world of journalism, corruption, love, imprisonment, family and

How does it feel to be performing again at the Arcola Theatre? It’s really exciting to be back at the Arcola Theatre. It’s a theatre I’ve felt very close
to since it opened back in Arcola Street. I love the work they do here and the ethics by which it’s run. It was really important to me that #WeAreArrested came here. I invited Mehmet Ergen the artistic director of The Arcola to come to see our production when we performed it at the Mischief Festival at the RSC last year. Of course Mehmet and Can knew each other and shared friends and stories. I introduced Mehmet to our team at the RSC and the rest is history – we open here at the Arcola Theatre next week . I’m proud and thrilled.

By Emma Clarendon

#WeAreArrested will play at the Arcola Theatre from the 13th November until the 7th December.


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