Review Round Up: Mary Poppins, Prince Edward Theatre

Richard Eyre’s production of the musical has flown back into the West End – but what do the critics think of it?

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WhatsOnStage: **** “The musical’s best sequences are those that just let rip with joy and wonder. Richard Eyre directs with pace and panache, much helped by the choreography of Matthew Bourne (who is also co-director) and Stephen Mear which use sophisticated dance steps to bring statues to life and raucous, wonderful tap to set the chimney sweeps surging across the stage in “Step in Time”.”

The Guardian: ***** “Travers scholars may still miss the darkness of the books, but for the rest of us the show is an unassailable treat and Eyre’s production has acquired the heart to go with its art.”

The Stage: ** “This is Mary Poppins with strings attached – and not just when she flies out over the audience. Watch the film, read the books. Save the magic.”

Evening Standard: **** “Strallen and Stemp dance and harmonise beautifully and make their platonic romance entirely credible.”

The Telegraph: ***** ““Oh Mary Poppins it’s been so awful since you left” wails Jane Banks after the return – tugged serenely earthwards on the end of a kite – of the world’s most famous nanny, midway through this copper-bottomed pleasure of a musical.

The oldest Banks child is referring to the dreadful imposition of the gorgon governess of her father’s (damaged) youth, Miss Andrew. But she could speak for all of us, looking back on the testing interval since the belated theatrical incarnation of PL Travers’s stories (cannily using classic songs from the 1964 Disney film but not solely beholden to them) was last seen in the West End.”

Time Out: *** “Half-baked story aside, ‘Mary Poppins’ serves up everything you could want in a mega-budget family musical: memorable songs, dazzling visuals and a nostalgic ideal of a London that never existed. It’s supercalifragelistically good fun to visit for an hour or three.”

Londonist: **** “Fresh, colourful, fun and sentimental, this Poppins is everything you want musical theatre to be — and this is no pie-crust promise. It’s worth putting it at the top of your Christmas shows-to-see list.”

Mary Poppins  continues to play at the Prince Edward Theatre. To book tickets click here or visit: From the Box OfficeLast Minute.comEncore TicketsSee TicketsTheatre Tickets, Love  or West End Theatre Breaks.

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