NEWS: Les Enfants Terribles and Historic Royal Palaces Announce United Queendom

The theatre company and independent charity have announced a new immersive theatre experience at Kensington Palace.

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Taking place at Kensington Palace from the 28th February until the 30th March, Les Enfants Terribles and Historic Royal Palaces will invite audiences to see a different side to the palace in this new immersive theatre experience.

An English mistress. A foreign queen. A difficult balance. Roles chosen by their King, but women who won’t be defined by them.

It’s 1734 and you’re invited to an exclusive party at Kensington Palace to celebrate King George II’s birthday. Underneath the seemingly joyful occasion is an undercurrent of tension between Queen Caroline and her husband’s mistress, Henrietta Howard, who is desperate to leave and start a new life.

Delving into the world of political intrigue, court games, high drama, scandalous gossip and smiling through gritted teeth, this immersive experience presents two separate journeys highlighting the stories of these brilliant women who might have otherwise been lost in the shadow of their king.

This new experience from the Olivier Award nominated team behind the immersive smash hit “Alice’s Adventures Underground” will take over Kensington Palace for five weeks only to tell the untold stories of Queen Caroline and Henrietta Howard – both of whom stayed at the palace.

Talking about the news James Seager, Creative Director for Les Enfants Terribles said:”It’s incredibly exciting to be ‘let loose’ in the palace after closing time to bring a modern twist to history and to re-introduce two women who have such modern influences and parallels to the world we live in today. They refused to back down in a male dominated world, refused to be silenced and refused to bow to tradition. They changed the course of history re-defining the role of women at court, fundamentally changing palace life forever in the process. Their stories deserve to be heard and told and we’re looking forward to introducing them to new audiences!”

Meanwhile, Emilie Wiseman, Arts and Cultural Programming Manager for Historic Royal Palaces commented: “In 2020, we’re going to be exploring history from lots of different perspectives, so we’re excited to be embarking on this new creative partnership with Les Enfants Terribles, offering an opportunity for people to experience Kensington Palace in a new and surprising way. Les Enfant Terribles’ trademark storytelling style will invite visitors to look into the intimate story of these extraordinary women in the spaces they both once inhabited, challenging the traditional narrative of the lives of women in this period.”

United Queendom will run at the Kensington Palace from the 28th February until the 30th March.

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