Sexy, naughty, playful and energetic, La Clique makes a welcome return to London to make for perfect alternative festive entertainment.

(c) Craig Sugden

Taking centre stage for a limited festive season, the Olivier Award winning show La Clique is a mesmerising show that reveals just how far humans can push their bodies through a variety of stunning acts.

From Heather Holliday’s impressive and flirty acts of sword and fire swallowing to Florian Brooks increasingly ambitious juggling act that puts waiters in bars to shame there is much to capture the audience’s imagination and enthusiastic responses.

Director Craig Ilott, keeps the show energetic and slick with effective interlinks between acts cheekily provided by our host for the evening Bernie Dieter, while ensuring that each act gets equal time on stage. The atmosphere was electrifying throughout, with each performer really knowing how to work the audience and keep them engaged with their act. In particular, Florian Brooks -while never talking to the audience, really uses his body language and expressions to ensure that there is always something to react to during his performance.

The diversity of acts and techniques on display also helps to keep the show suitably varied and entertaining. Particular highlights included the special guest for the evening Stephen Williams with his bath tub and aerial routine that certainly caused a splash among the audience, while David Pereira’s increasingly cheeky (in all senses of the word) routine impressively highlighted his incredible flexibility.

But there is much to be appreciated elsewhere too. Bernie Dieter has great stage presence – bold, confident and unpredictable, she thoroughly draws the audience into the show with her sharp and definitely naughty sense of humour. Meanwhile, the band and vocalist Kelly Wolfgramm also offer a wonderful soundtrack to the acts performances but also really hold their own during individual numbers too – a highlight being Wolfgramm’s haunting rendition of ‘It Must Have Been Love’.

Cheeky naughty and sexy are certainly all words that can be used to describe this show which offers high quality entertainment and is ideal for anyone looking for alternative festive entertainment.

By Emma Clarendon

La Clique continues to play at the Leicester Square Spielgelent as part of Christmas in Leicester Square until the 4th January 2020. To book tickets visit: Love, Theatre Tickets, Encore Tickets, From the Box Office, Last and See Tickets.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


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