Review Round Up: Touching the Void, Duke of York’s Theatre

Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews for Tom Morris’s production which is now playing at the Duke of York’s Theatre .

The Stage: **** “What the production does well is make it possible to appreciate Simon’s horrific predicament as well as Joe’s, while also marvelling at human resilience.”

London Theatre1: *** “With very cute actors and lots of physical angst, Touching the Void may have teen/young adult appeal, but I doubt this production will be remembered as a high point of theatre even if it sells tickets. Resplendent with action but devoid of drama; every theatrical jumping-off point in this show is an emotional dead-end if not a lonely, cavernous void of the type the script hints at but never explores.”

Evening Standard: **** “Almost as surprising is the fact that director Tom Morris and writer David Greig have turned this epic but lonely ordeal into a compelling piece of theatre. Their breathlessly exciting production, first staged at Bristol Old Vic, conjures wide-open landscapes and vertiginous drops.” 

i News: *** “The fact that Joe crawls for days until he reaches base camp is a great testament to human endurance and survival, but it doesn’t make very good theatre. There really is a limit to how many grunts, groans and gasps you can listen to without suffering sympathy fatigue.”

Broadway World: **** “A triumph of the human spirit, and of theatre’s capacity to go anywhere, show anything – and to draw us into the heart of a great story.”

London Box Office: ** “Tom Morris’ straight forward direction is not helped by the uninspired acting of the four actors, Joe Williams (Joe), Angus Yellowlees (Simon), Fiona Hampton (Sarah) and Patrick McNamee (Richard).”

The Guardian: ” The ultimate lesson of this production is that you can do anything in the theatre as long as you rely on the audience’s willing imagination.”

The Daily Mail: **** “If you’re looking for psychological complexity, you’re in the wrong theatre. Even Angus Yellowlees, as Joe’s climbing companion Simon, admits he doesn’t really know Joe. And this from the man who spent a lot of time cowering with him in tiny tents and icy foxholes, before cutting the rope that held Simpson dangling over a crevasse.”

London **** “a penetrating portrayal of the impulse of human survival, against the odds: a thrilling, salutary reminder of our shared humanity and ability to overcome hardships, however extreme.”

Touching the Void will play at the Duke of York’s Theatre until the 29th February 2020. To book tickets click here or visit: Encore TicketsSee TicketsATG Tickets ,Love Theatre.comFrom the Box OfficeLast or Theatre Tickets

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