Review Round Up: Frozen 2

This hugely anticipated sequel sees Elsa and Anna on a brand new adventure. Here’s what critics have made of it…

The Guardian: *** “It’s nice to see these figures again, but I couldn’t help feeling that there is something a bit underpowered and contrived about the storyline in Frozen II: a matter of jeopardy synthetically created and artificially resolved, obstacles set in place and then surmounted, characters separated and reunited, bad stuff apparently happening and then unhappening.”

Polygon: “Frozen 2’s emotional fallouts play out in a safe, contained way. The relationship consequences that loom over the final act of the film get smoothed over, without any real ramifications or poignant conclusions. The movie hints not only at a high-stakes transformation for Arendelle, but also for the relationship between the two sisters. They do transform, as Olaf so obviously hints they will, but the changes he warned don’t shake things up much at all.”

The Telegraph: **** “A cartoon princess musical that’s also a swingeing critique of colonialism and a Greta Thunberg-like call to arms for a generational environmental rethink? This is the Disney of 2019 in action, and it is hard not to admire the studio’s willingness to spike even its child-friendly output with resonant modern-day talking points.” 

Empire: **** “If the final act underwhelms in the action stakes, Frozen II still delivers where it really counts — the emotional beats and relationship between Elsa and Anna, who continually strengthen and uplift each other across the runtime.”

Digital Spy: **** “Whether Frozen 2 has the same cultural impact as the first movie remains to be seen, but the sequel will make you want to build a snowman all over again.”

The Daily Mail: *** “One of the joys of the original was its simplicity; it had spells and trolls, but was easy enough to follow. This is a different kettle of frozen fish, with a plot that will befuddle most seven-year-olds and frankly, writing from experience, not a few 57-year-olds.”

Frozen 2 is released in cinemas on the 22nd November.

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