REVIEW: Spectrum by Westlife

Westlife is back with a brand new album filled with enjoyable songs that is set to please fans.

This first new album from Westlife since they got back together last year sounds as though they have got a new lease of life and enthusiasm for the music they make. Thanks to songs such as the uplifting and enjoyable ‘Dynamite’ and ‘L.O.V.E’, Westlife have created an album that reflects how the group have grown and moved with the times.

Hints of this had already emerged through album opener ‘Hello My Love’ that is a vibrant and lively album opener that is also a genuine crowd pleaser as heard when Westlife toured earlier this year. Other songs such as ‘Dance’ and ‘Take Me There’ are catchy and show just how positive they are feeling about being back together again.

But there are still also elements of what made Westlife one of the most successful boybands around – thanks to the fantastic harmonies on ‘Dynamite’ and ‘One Last Time’ for example that highlights the control and sincerity behind each group member’s vocals that is always pleasing to listen to. It is also great to see how the vocals have been equally divided between them all, each offering a unique perspective on each track before coming together as a whole.

As always, Westlife is a band that always manages to come across as sincere and heartfelt and this album fully reflects this thanks to ‘Repair’ – which is the most insightful and thoughtful song on the album but never comes across as preachy. Every lyric sounds poetic and flows from one to the next with great charm as heard on ‘Another Life’.

While it would be great at some point to see them pushing their sound further and break out of their comfort zone a bit more, Westlife with this album more than prove that their comeback is welcome. Immensely enjoyable from start to finish.

By Emma Clarendon

Spectrum is available to buy and download now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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