NEWS: Casting Announced Hansel and Gretel at Chiswick Playhouse

The production will begin performances at the Chiswick Playhouse from the 4th December.

Casting has been confirmed for the Chiswick Playhouse’s festive production of Hansel and Gretel, directed by Lucy Jane Atkinson. The production is set to star: Pippa Conway (Oh, What A Lovely War!, Gulbenkian Theatre; Dracula, The Ballroom; Mary and Joseph, Southwark Playhouse) as Gretel alongside Joshua Oakes-Rogers (The Dead Room, BBC Four; Body and Sold, Park Theatre; Vespertilio, VAULT Festival) as Hansel, Serena Flynn (Baubo: Goddess of Filth, Soho Theatre; Prune; Edinburgh Fringe) as Stepmother and Witch and Tomi Ogbaro (A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Regent’s Park
Open Air Theatre; Sweet Charity, Watermill Theatre; Seagulls, Octagon Theatre) as Father and Tony The Cockroach.

This reimagining of the classic story will also feature an original soundtrack by composer Leon Parris (Bananaman The Musical, Enid Blyton’s The Famous Five, Stig of the Dump), design by Cory Shipp, lighting by Zia Bergin-Holly and sound deign by Annie May Fletcher.

‘Once there was a brother and sister, and they lived by a motorway that curled around the city like a wall. Few people strayed beyond this barrier for beyond was a forest of silver trees and silence that their stepmother called, The Forest of the Dead…’

So begins Chiswick Playhouse’s irresistible production of Hansel and Gretel. This children’s adventure will take the audience far from their city life, their Xboxes and Insta likes, into a world of lollipop houses, tap-dancing cockroaches and a witch with a penchant for single use plastic and the only remaining sustainable food source: children.

Talking about the production, director Lucy Jane Atkinson said: “It’s a joy to work with such a multi-talented and playful cast of actors and singers to bring this new exciting piece to life. We are having a fantastic time in the rehearsal room and are hopefully creating something very special!”

Hansel and Gretel will play at the Chiswick Playhouse from the 4th December until the 4th January 2020.

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