NEWS: Casting Announced for Ellen McDougall’s Production of Faces in the Crowd

The production will run at the Gate Theatre from the 16th January.

Casting has today been confirmed for Ellen McDougall’s upcoming production based on Valeria Luiselli’s dazzlingly original debut novel Faces in the Crowd.

The cast for the production is set to include: Jimena Larraguivel (TV’s Apple Tree Yard/ RSC’s Day of the Living) as The Woman, Neil D’Souza (Beginners/ TV’s Humans) as Husband, Anoushka Lucas (Jesus Christ Superstar), as The Musician and Juan-Leonardo Solari and Santiago Huertas Ruiz as The Boy.

In Mexico City, a mother begins writing her novel.
She is constantly interrupted.
In New York, a woman is haunted by the ghost of a Mexican poet.
She can’t keep out the past.
100 years earlier, a poet is troubled by visions of a woman on the subway.
She lives decades in the future.

As a mother tries to remember the faces from her past, the lines between her and them blur, time folds in on itself and ghosts appear everywhere.

Faces in the Crowd has been translated from the novel by Christina McSweeney and adapted for the stage by Ellen McDougall. The creative team for the production also includes designs by Bethany Wells, lighting design by Jessica Hung Han Yun and sound design by George Dennis.

Faces in the Crowd will play at the Gate Theatre from the 16th January until the 8th February.

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