Interview With…Masha Kevinovna

The writer and director chatted to us about The Girl With Glitter in Her Eye, playing at the Bunker Theatre from the 12th to the 27th January.

Hi Masha, thank you for talking to me. Could you explain a bit more about what The Girl with Glitter in Her Eye is about? Hello! The Girl With Glitter in Her Eye tells the story of a complex, female friendship complicated by the revelation of trauma and a subsequent betrayal of trust. Through the lens of a queer female friendship, the play focusses on ownership of stories and the effects of having your voice silenced. Fusing spoken word, original composition, live music and exceptional performances, we explore the nuances of consent in our trademark multidisciplinary style.

How does it feel to be bringing the play to the Bunker Theatre? Incredibly exciting and surreal. Bunker Theatre is one of the most pioneering venues in the industry and I admire Chris Sonnex so much for how he is changing the landscape of theatre. We are incredibly lucky to have this opportunity and it is a bittersweet feeling to be part of their final ever season but we are hoping that this isn’t the end of their story! 

How did the idea for the play come about? The Girl With Glitter In Her Eye has continually been inspired by so many different things, mainly my friendships and the complication and fragility associated with them. Originally the play was a response to the #MeToo movement but as we developed it further, we discovered deeper layers and nuances to be explored. I discovered that what was at the crux of the story was the theme of having and owning a voice, in particular what it means to have a voice removed and how this occurs both in our personal lives and political landscape. OPIA Collective was given the opportunity to have a ‘work in progress’ sharing at Theatre Royal Stratford East, Lyric Hammersmith, performances at Battersea Arts Centre, Omnibus Theatre leading into a R&D at The Albany. The show could not have metamorphosed into what it is now without the help and talent of the artists who’ve been a part of the creative process in particular Alice Woodhouse, Josie Kyan, Ben Ramsden, Anna Mackay, Modupe Salu, Naomi Gardener, Katie Bonna, Ceara Dorman, Helena Morais, Tiwalade Olulode, Olivia Dowd, Sam O’Byrne, Roberta Livingston, Ann Akin and Madeline Charlemagne. 

What can we expect from the production? Audiences can expect an hour of storytelling that explodes with energy… beautiful original composition, exceptional performances, delicate shadow puppetry and wonderfully poetic language. It’s an innovative production that pushes boundaries in terms of theme, form and challenges audiences on current socio-political issues. We want audiences to leave the auditorium feeling uplifted, educated and motivated.

What would you like for audiences to take away from The Girl with Glitter in Her Eye? In a world of fake news and political turbulence where all too often voices are being silenced, removed or misinterpreted, we want to urge audiences on the importance of being as truthful as possible. The play is an appeal to listen to each others stories, cherish them and let them exist on their own. 
By Emma Clarendon

The Girl With Glitter in Her Eye will play at the Bunker Theatre from the 12th to the 27th January.

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