REVIEW: My Life With Michael – 10 Years of Thriller Live! By Gary Lloyd

Providing great insight into the world of creating one of the West End’s longest running shows, Gary Lloyd’s autobiographical book is a must-read.

In the decade since he passed away, Michael Jackson’s life has been scrutinised and filled with controversy – but there is no denying the impact his music has had on generations of music lovers. This is particularly seen in the way in which Thriller Live! a show which celebrates Michael Jackson’s music night after night both in the West End and numerous tours both in the UK and internationally.

Director and choreographer Gary Lloyd intertwines both his love, passion and understanding for Michael Jackson’s music with great insight into the world of theatre, covering all the highs and lows that Thriller Live! has been through in the last decade.

Through every page, the reader is given plenty of detail into the choreography, the song choices and how the show is constantly evolving to keep audiences coming back for more. He highlights the precision and dedication required from everyone involved and feels like a tribute to them as much as to Michael Jackson himself.

This is a book that Michael Jackson fans, theatre fans and those looking to get into directing or choreography will equally want to read. There is something for everyone to be found in it, particularly in the use of the terminology used for choreography – all told in a honest way.

My Life With Michael consistently feels like a tribute to the many people who have worked on the show over the years, filled with fascinating anecdotes such as when the Jackson family came to see the show as well as the difficulties of trying to organise productions of the show abroad. The reader is never left in any doubt of Gary Lloyd’s devotion to Thriller Live! even ten years on.

It is an immensely enjoyable and fascinating read that wonderfully brings together the appreciation of Michael Jackson’s music and the dedication to bring his music to life for new generations.

By Emma Clarendon

My Life with Michael – 10 Years of Thriller Live! is available to buy now.

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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