Review Round Up: Amelie the Musical, The Other Palace

Following a successful UK tour, the new musical based on the popular film arrives in London for a limited run. Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews.

Culture Whisper: **** “But the overwhelming feeling is one of romance. Not so much nostalgia as ever-present melancholy, taking hold of the city and giving it visceral feeling – of one small person wanting to feel and make a change in the world around her.”

London Theatre1: *** “Amélie is both whimsical and charming and if that is what you want from a 160 minute show then this could be for you! BUT, I would recommend that you read the detailed plot on Wikipedia before you go…”

London **** “Audrey Brisson is a charming delight in the title role amidst a hard-working ensemble of actor-musicians in a show that I sense I could become addicted to. I am already planning a return visit.”

The Telegraph: **** ” It boasts the ideal actress to play the titular whimsy pixie, who perhaps surprisingly manages almost never to grate. French-Canadian Audrey Brisson is an unending – and tuneful – delight as Amélie Poulain”

Time Out: *** “Amélie’s emotional journey feels somehow less central, even though, in many ways, Brisson’s performance here is perfect: she grew up touring with Cirque du Soleil, an apprenticeship she completes by hanging off a lampshade to float up to her barrel-shaped tiny home at the top of the stage.”

British **** “From the moment the melancholy strains of an accordion break the silence, Amelie The Musical wraps you in its warm-hearted embrace.”

Exeunt Magazine: “The musical delivers the unreal cuteness of the film’s Paris, unparalleled in picturesque nostalgia – it’s romantic, of course. It’s disappointing that the racial homogeneity Amélie drew criticism for in back in 2001 has been reproduced faithfully too; this overwhelmingly white Paris doesn’t exist now, didn’t then, and indeed never did.”

Londonist: **** “Utterly brilliant, and a perfect antidote to a cold, election-dominated December, Amélie will leave you on a high, Parisian-style.”

Evening Standard: **** “The show shines when it leans into the film’s weirdness; after being told by her parents to dispose of her suicidal goldfish, said fish comes to life and mournfully sings ‘Amélie – pourquoi? Au revoir’. It also does genius things with the film’s famous garden gnome and Amélie’s Princess Di obsession (shout out to Caolan McCarthy for stealing the show in the latter scene).

Broadway World: ***** “This show is the perfect tonic for a world perpetually full of doom and gloom; it’s as happy-making as cracking crème brûlée with a spoon. An absolute must-see – and one of the best shows of the year by far.”

Musical Theatre Review: **** “Enchantingly bizarre, charming throughout and sumptuously produced, Amélie The Musical, is the perfect ‘alternative’ festive offering this year at The Other Palace, a venue that since its relatively recent inception has always at least tried to nudge musical boundaries.”

West End Wilma: **** “Overall this is a really enjoyable musical that will leave you bouncing out of the theatre full of joie de vivre!”

The Upcoming: **** “Brisson, in the lead role, is a delight: retaining Audrey Tautou’s charm without copying her characterisation, the actress makes Amélie a character all her own: a no-nonsense, often stony-faced presence who betrays her rich inner life all the more persuasively for her outward stoicism.”

Amelie the Musical continues to play at The Other Palace until the 1st February. To book tickets click here.

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