First Impressions of…In the Heights Trailer

The film based on Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical is set to be released in the Summer 2020.

If there is ever a musical that celebrates diversity, hope and dreams then it is most definitely In the Heights – which is why it such a joy to see it being brought to cinema screens next Summer. But until then, this joyful and surprisingly emotionally engaging trailer really gets to the heart of what those who have not seen the musical can expect.

Set in the New York City Latino neighbourhood of Washington Heights, the story follows the lives of the residents as they pursue their hopes and dreams. As a musical it is vibrant, lively and heartwarming – and judging from this trailer, director Jon M. Chu has kept the spirit of the musical and its story alive with the help of the screenplay by Quiara Alegría Hudes who also worked on the musical with Lin Manuel Miranda.

This trailer also offers a hint of the storylines to expect without giving too much away, but still places the community vibe at the heart of it as well as the fabulous carnival vibe choreography and of course Lin Manuel Miranda’s distinctive style of music.

While there is certainly plenty of drama in store, the film looks set to be a really uplifting way to spend a few hours to escape from our own lives and restore some faith in humanity which is no small achievement if it pulls it off.

The cast is of course wonderfully diverse and it certainly appears on the strength of this trailer alone that the film is a real celebration of people from all backgrounds with different hopes and dreams. In this bleak world that we are currently living in this film feels more important than ever and I for one can’t wait to see it!

In the Heights is set to be released in cinemas next Summer.

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