Review Round Up: Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

We round up the reviews for the latest film in the Star Wars series – but is it worth a watch?

The Guardian: **** “The Rise of Skywalker is socked over with such energy, such euphoric certainty. And it’s such fun: full of the rackety exuberance of the now forgotten Saturday morning movie serials that were an influence on George Lucas.”

Forbes: “The Rise of Skywalker is possibly worse than any prior Star Wars “episode.” It ends a legendary franchise with a thud while denying this new trilogy its artistic reason for existence.”

The Telegraph: **** “Imagine a round of the parlour game Consequences in which every fold of the paper cost $200 million. That, effectively, is the new Star Wars trilogy.” “What’s telling about “The Rise of Skywalker” is how much I would have rather just learned more about Poe’s background, or the story behind Zorii, than experience the numbing overkill of the final act of this trilogy.”

The Verge: “There’s plenty of spectacle and space-fighting to keep The Rise of Skywalker entertaining. Minute to minute, it’s an enjoyable movie. And at its brightest points, it captures Star Wars at its best. But Abrams just hasn’t pared down the bombast enough to keep his story grounded — and with the trilogy at its end, it’s strange to be left with as many new questions as resolutions.”

Empire: *** “There are effective emotional punches before the end, as we say a final goodbye to Carrie Fisher and her generation of stars and as Kylo and Rey face their demons. Arguably the story more or less ends up in the right place, despite the threads left hanging.”

Rolling Stone: *** 1/2 “Flaws and all, The Rise of Skywalker is part of our film history and, when Rey and Kylo seize the screen, an indelible part of our hearts.” “All The Rise of Skywalker does is wrap up everything a second time, answering the same questions and revisiting the same themes. It’s an encore as awkwardly unnecessary as when you bid a tearful farewell to a friend, and then you bump into them and have to say goodbye all over again.”

The Sun: **** “An enjoyable, emotional end to a saga that is such a huge part of our lives. May the Force we be with you, always.”

Evening Standard:*** ” Star Wars IX may be imperfect, but it offers nostalgia hounds the space odyssey of their dreams.”

The Mirror: **** “And as it explodes out of the screen in a whirl of stunts, special effects and humour, it’s packed with enough spaceships, robots and aliens to keep your kids Christmas list full for a decade.”

The Daily Mail: *** “The Rise of Skywalker may rush to its end, but Driver and Ridley’s performances are sensational and make this film an interesting, if somewhat unsatisfying, end to George Lucas’ beloved space opera.”

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is out in cinemas now.

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