Interview With….Millie Thorne

The creator and performer chatted to us about bringing Pigeons on L’edge to the Vaults Festival.

Would you tell me more about what Pigeons on L’edge is about? Pigeons on L’edge is a comedic bird’s eye view into the world of retail. The story is told by the Pigeons who live on the ledge of a department store – who witness the mess that happens inside. Inside we follow the story of two retail workers – Penny and Dawn. They meet when Penny arrives for her new job to help the manager Dawn run the failing clearance section of the store. Only Penny is not all as she seems, and soon she is unable to cope with the pressures of working in retail and she snaps. We use physical comedy, character comedy and music to create a show we hope will make people laugh and forget the world for an hour. We also hope to raise a bit of awareness about the effect on mental health of working in customer facing roles.
How did the idea for the show come about? The show began development in 2018 when Gabrielle and I realised that we had nearly been pushed to the edge from working in retail and began trading traumatic tales and silly stories. What followed was a week of devising in which the show began to form.

What can audiences expect when they come along? One hour full of fun, laughter and a few absurd yet relatable stories, all delivered by two energetic pigeons.

How are you feeling about bringing the show to the Vaults Festival? We are very excited about bringing a show to the VAULT Festival 2020. To debut Pigeons on L’edge at such a well known and established festival is an honour and we can’t wait to show everyone what these pigeons have to say!

What would you like to happen to Pigeons on L’edge after its run at the Vaults? We would love to take the show on a run perhaps to another venue in London. We would also like to do a West Country regional tour as we are both from the South West .  

By Emma Clarendon

Pigeons on L’edge will play at the Vaults Festival from the 11th to the 15th March.

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