NEWS: Colab Announces Crooks 1926

The immersive theatre company have revealed details of its upcoming new production at King William IV, 16 Harper Road from the 12th February.

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Audiences can expect to be taken into the gritty, criminal underworld of 1920s London as part of Colab’s new immersive experience set in the heart of Elephant and Castle.

In a world where nothing is certain, violence is rampant, and bargains are made to be broken,the audience will have complete autonomy to shape their own thrilling experience. While some might to choose to orchestrate a grand territorial takeover of London or broker an alliance with The West End Boys, others might ‘go it alone’ by scheming with a devious traitor. The choice lies solely with the audience meaning that no two shows are the same.

Having had over ten years worth of experience, the immersive company will be debuting their new production at their brand new, permanently dedicated space in South London.

Talking about the news director Bertie Watkins said: “Because we have just opened our new, purpose-built space, we have been able to construct an immersive world the reflects the narrative perfectly. COLAB Theatre
continues to pioneer its own brand of immersive experience, Action Theatre. By combining complex game mechanics with a multi-linear story, the audience can engage in a way that genuinely affects the outcome of the show at the same time as feeling the emotional weight of those decisions.”

The cast for the show includes: Holli Dixon, Angus Woodward, Simon Pothecary and Tom Black. It is being produced by Ben Chamberlain.

Crooks 1926 will run from the 12th February until the 29th March. For more information visit:

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