Review Round Up: Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, Apollo Theatre

There’s a new cast for this British musical and the reviews are in! Find out what critics thought with our review round up….

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Londonist: **** “Yes, there’s glitter, yes there are fake boobs, and yes there are middle-aged men in hot pants — this is a story about a drag queen after all. But ultimately, it’s a story of following your dreams, however unconventional, about enduring friendship, and about being yourself. Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is a must-see musical of our time that has been given a new blast of energy for 2020.”

London Theatre1: ***** “a highly slick, very impressive production of one of the all-round best British musicals of the first twenty years of this century. You may not leave the theatre humming the tunes, but you will certainly ‘come out’ (as Jamie does) with a smile on your face.”

The Stage: **** “It’s remarkable what a tension-less musical this is. Most of the people in Jamie’s life affirm and support his choices, and while he needs to come to terms with himself, he’s half-way there already. The only real antagonist is Jamie’s crap dad, but even when he inevitably lets Jamie down, he recovers quickly because deep down he knows he’s loved and valued and that comes across in the performances. There’s something quite lovely about this lack of conflict though, the way the show focuses on friendship, acceptance and love.”

City AM: “Its story – though thoughtfully repackaged to focus on a previously underrepresented and marginalised community – is ultimately familiar, overly long and unevenly paced, and a preponderance of songs don’t quite find their mark. Nevertheless, charming performances, propulsive energy, the good will of the audience, and the emotional truth that lies at its core mean that the show is likely to bring in the punters for many years to come.”

Musical Theatre Review: **** “Together, all the constituent parts of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie come together to demonstrate that this is a show whose place on Shaftesbury Avenue is never going to be given up lightly.”

Broadway World: **** “A large number of the ensemble make their West End debuts in this production, though it would be impossible to know that. The quality of the 25-strong cast on stage is staggering, and while every member of the cast pulls their own weight in a faultless team effort, the energy of Harriet Payne, in particular, catches the eye.”

The Upcoming: **** “It’s no wonder why everybody is talking about Jamie. Laughter enriches this heartfelt production, that shines with lively choruses and bright staging.”

Rewrite This Story: **** “This is a musical which inspires us all to own what makes us ‘different’ and is just a lovely portrayal of family, friendship and acceptance. Contemporary, sassy and so very British, lets keep talking about Jamie!”

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie continues to play at the Apollo Theatre. To book tickets click here or visit: Love, From the Box Office, Last, Encore Tickets, See Tickets, Theatre Tickets and West End Theatre Breaks.

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