Interview With….Carla Garratt

The actress chatted to us about being part of Bible John, playing at the Vaults Festival from the 12th February.

Hi Carla, could you explain a bit more about what Bible John is about? Bible John is a play that looks at female obsession with true crime. Four women, who could simply be anyone, discover a true crime podcast about Bible John. For those of you that don’t know, Bible John was a serial killer
in Glasgow in the late sixties but the identity of the man was never discovered. You see the women’s relationship develop with each other and helplessly watch them tumble down a rabbit hole of this
case that seems to have no bottom.

What was it that made you want to be part of this production?Well I met the director Lizzie Manwaring at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, I was up with my theatre company Wonderbox with our show A Womb of One’s Own. These Girls had won the Charlie Hartill Special Reserve Theatre Award
and our company was supported by the Hartill Award. They had won such a prestigious award which is amazing! I heard so many incredible things about These Girls and their production Bible John so was super keen to jump on board for The Vaults. I love ensemble based work and looking into
women’s obsession with true crime fascinates me.

How have you found working on the production so far? It has been amazing! Lizzie is a fantastic director to work with, I’ve found she really nurtures the way you work and honestly brings out the best. The cast are extremely talented and hilarious. I feel like we have such a close bond already which is exciting to have so early in rehearsals. It has been so much fun diving into the script with this fabulous team of women. It has made me go into true crime rabbit holes outside of the room too, researching an intense amount about serial killers, listening to different podcasts even looking into the sixties fashion. Very exciting few weeks ahead.

How does it feel to be bringing the show to the Vaults Festival? I am so excited to be in one of the shows at the Vault Festival this year. I see shows there every year and every year I am blown away by the talented new creatives coming through. The Vaults is a remarkable platform for emerging artists. It always has a wide variety of shows that speak to a number of people, the location is insane as well as the different spaces they create. I am delighted to be entering my firsts Vaults show with
an empowering team of extremely talented women and performing in this enthralling play Bible John.

What can we expect from the production? You can expect to be taken on a rollercoaster of a journey with these women. You may learn more about why a higher percentage of women listen to
true crime podcast. You will definitely find out some shocking discoveries about serial killers and learn more about the captivating mysteries regarding the case Bible John – an unidentified man who killed right here in the UK. There will be some laughter, huge realisations and some very cool 60s outfits.

Why should people come along and see Bible John? People should come and see Bible John because it is such an engrossing play! You go on a journey with these women who get dragged deeper and deeper into this rabbit hole of a discovery and you will one hundred percent get sucked in too. Bible John was never caught. I have my theories as to who it might be. Why not come on a journey with us so you can make yours.

By Emma Clarendon

Bible John will play at the Vaults Festival from the 12th to the 16th February.

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