Review Round Up: Madame X Tour, Madonna, London Palladium

We round up the reviews for Madonna’s residency at the London Palladium.

 ( Ricardo Gomes )

The Independent: **** “This pacey onslaught is a bit like being trapped inside a panic attack. But when she’s not trying to keep up with her own legacy, the show is warm and brilliant.”

The Guardian: **** “Perhaps most of all, this Madame X tour is an advert for trusting one’s own instincts, however contradictory and eclectic they may be.” ***** “The Madame X Tour is an adventurous piece of contemporary theatre, and a match for any of the Tony and Olivier-winning shows currently playing the West End and Broadway.”

The Telegraph: ***** “I’m not sure who was having more fun at the opening of Madonna’s London residency, the audience or the star. She sang, she danced, she joked and she beamed with almost childlike glee at the crowd’s adoring response.”

iNews: **** “It was thrilling, an experimental attack, at times easier to enjoy as a spectacle than attempt to understand. One thing was clear, though: this is a superstar who seeks to unsettle.”

The Times: **** “Madonna’s Madame X tour features the reigning queen of pop playing a gruelling six-month schedule of smaller venues, in keeping with the intimate sound of its accompanying album, but even controversial superstars feel the effects of age and a knee injury left her in severe pain, leading to the cancellation of ten dates including her first in a run at the Palladium. Given all this, you could only come out of this bravura show and think: what a trouper.”

Daily Mail: **** “Yes, she looked sore and stiff at times, yet the next minute she was performing an impressive handstand and writhing athletically on a grand piano lid. At 61, she’s still got it. She can dance.”

NME: ***** “As it happens, the production is so intricate and absorbing that you barely miss the more familiar tunes and numerous overlooked cuts from ‘Madame X’ – the self-referential ‘Crazy’ and sinister apocalypse banger ‘Future’ – seem to find their feet. For all of her dramatic personas on ‘Madame X’, tonight is largely about Madonna herself. By the end, it feels like we know her a lot better.”

Attitude: ***** “The show itself is by no means as slick as previous tours, but that only makes it more enjoyable. Madonna circa 2020 is more relaxed, more relatable and a lot of fun. All hail the Queen!”

Evening Standard: ****”She was also a spy, a protest marcher and a Portuguese fado singer in the course of a tireless, imaginative show that was far from shrunken arena pop. Thanks especially to an extraordinary troupe of dancers, it was a spectacle that felt more powerful up close.”

The Madame X tour continues at the London Palladium until the 16th February.

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