Review Round Up: The Wedding Singer, Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre

Find out what critics have had to say about Nick Winston’s production based on the 1990’s film with LLLC’s review round up…

The Stage: ** “The cast’s energy levels can’t be faulted and Sandra Dickinson is particularly game as a rapping and cartwheel-turning Grandma.  Many will have a whale of a time but for others, it’s a show with too many E numbers, culminating in a sugar rush and bit of a headache.”

WhatsOnStage: **** “The Wedding Singer wasn’t a classic film and this isn’t a classic musical, but it’s a lot of fun. There may not be a lot going on in it’s head, but it’s heart is in the right place and it’s dancing feet are a thing of wonder.”

Evening Standard: * “Responsibility for this coarse, lazy farrago lies mostly with director and choreographer Nick Winston, though dishonourable mention must go to designer Francis O’Connor for a set that consists largely of a fence and a billboard.”

The Reviews Hub: ** “There are highlights, but, sadly, this wedding is a mismatch of talented performers and sub-standard material. When the production is in celebratory mode, briefly it works, but the overriding impression is of a musical that has been put together mechanically, falling short on both wit and imagination.”

British **** “It is pleasing to discover such dark currents lurking under the sparkle of 80’s glamour, and it is one of this production’s great pluses.  Let us also give three cheers for Sandra Dickinson’s blazing turn as radical gran, Rosie, who is on top form, as is Tara Verloop who does a great job as best friend, Holly. “

Musical Theatre Review: ** “But ultimately, one yearns for a little more in a show than the occasional comedy appearance by a minor supporting character. There’s little else to recommend of The Wedding Singer, either in general or in this staging of it. Maybe it, like the 1980s, are best left to history. For as far as this show goes, it’s not nostalgic. It’s just dated.”

The Times: ** “With a feelgood musical such as this you wait for the moment when you can stop worrying if it’s going to be a dud and start, well, feeling good. This adaptation of one of Adam Sandler’s better screen comedies eventually warms the heart in its self-knowingly hokey way, but be warned: it takes a good long while to make you feel like flinging confetti in the air.”

The Wedding Singer continues to play at the Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre until the 1st March. To book tickets click here or visit: Love, From the Box Office, Last, Theatre Tickets, Encore Tickets or See Tickets.

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