Five Reasons to See…Pretty Woman the Musical

Love London Love Culture’s Emma Clarendon attended a preview performance of the latest musical in the West End. Here’s five reasons why she thinks you need to book a ticket…

The music and lyrics: I have to admit, half of the appeal of coming to see this show was to see how Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance would be able to create songs that really reflected the story and characters. There is certainly no need to worry on this count because there is a huge range of songs that will appeal to a lot of people. While the score maintains a romantic quality through ‘Something About Her’ and ‘You and I’, there is also a slightly edgier quality in songs such as ‘Rodeo Drive’ that is really pleasing to listen to.

The chemistry between Danny Mac’s Edward and Aimie Atkinson’s Vivian: there is no denying that taking on characters so memorably played by Richard Gere and Julia Roberts was certainly big shoes to fill – not least the genuinely lovely chemistry between them both. Yet both Danny and Aimie manage to make the relationship between Vivian and Edward seem natural and charming – a couple that you can really root for despite the differences in their background you can tell they are two lost souls who are in their own way lucky to have found each other.

Love the way that the characters of Kit and Mr Thompson are more integrated into the story: the film always felt as though it could have used the characters of Mr Thompson the hotel manager and Vivian’s friend and room mate Kit a lot more which is why it is lovely to see their relationships with Vivian developed a lot more. In particular, the way in which Mr Thompson seems to be protective and encouraging of Vivian’s determination to improve herself as seen through ‘On a Night Like Tonight’. Meanwhile, Kit’s own ambitions to improve her situation in life is also a nice plot development.

The costume design by Tom Rogers: while some of the costume designs have a similar style to the film, they are also refreshingly contemporary. In particular, Vivian’s polo match dress and night at the opera dresses were favourites.

The cast’s performances: it may have been only the second preview, but I was very much impressed by the cast as a whole. Aimie Atkinson as Vivian is a lively, bubbly personality with a hint of vulnerability that works well for the character – while vocally she is breathtaking. Her rendition of ‘I Can’t Go Back’ is a real highlight. Meanwhile, Danny Mac makes for a cool and charismatic Edward, really highlighting the character’s transformation from uptight businessman to someone who becomes more open about life in general. There is also great support from Rachael Wooding as the street smart and sassy Kit and Bob Harms as Mr Thompson.

By Emma Clarendon

Pretty Woman the Musical  continues to play at the Piccadilly Theatre. To book tickets click here or visit: Love Theatre.comTheatre Tickets DirectWest End Theatre Breaks, Last Minute.comEncore Tickets, See Tickets or From the Box Office.

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