Interview With….Amelia Sears

The director chatted to Emma Clarendon about bringing Everywoman to the stage as part of the Bunker Theatre’s final season.

(c)Scott Rylander

Could you tell me more about Everywoman? Everywoman is a one woman show written by an anonymous writer all about the identity
shifting conundrum of motherhood. It’s a provocative, unflinchingly honest and funny account of the journey into becoming a parent and it challenges us to interrogate the perceived wisdom that ‘universal’ stories are always male, and female stories are considered less than.

How did you come across the play? I was sent it by another brilliant director Pia Furtado who had just become a mum and felt I
might be a good person to take on the role of director.

What was it that struck you about the story and made you want to bring it to the stage? The story was like reading my own brain. I knew I had to be part of putting those truths out into the world and I knew it would be a challenge. And challenges are always worth doing.

How does it feel to be directing Everywoman as part of The Bunker’s final season? It’s really thrilling to be part of such an important season and to celebrate a theatre space and team who have bought something much needed and hugely important to a generally static theatre scene.

What can audiences expect when they come along and see the show? A funny, shocking, entertaining and thought provoking hour. Sounds pretty ideal doesn’t it?

By Emma Clarendon

Everywoman continues to play at the Bunker Theatre until the 22nd February.

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