Interview With…Paul Sandys

The actor chatted to Emma Clarendon about starring in the London Classic Theatre production of Absurd Person Singular.

Hi Paul, for those who don’t know what is Absurd Person Singular about? Absurd Person Singular centres around three married couples and their varied social class backgrounds and interlinking stories over the course of three successive years. Though class is a big factor, the play also explores the characters married relationships and their individual aspirations and changing fortunes over the three-year period.

How are you feeling about being part of London Classic Theatre’s production? I have worked with the company and some of the cast previously, so it is great to be back in a rehearsal room with some familiar faces (as well as new ones!). It is also very exciting and a great honour to be part of the company’s twenty-year celebration; it is an amazing landmark.

What are you most looking forward to about touring Absurd Person Singular? It is always interesting to note how different audiences respond to the play and how this can change from region to region. This helps the production feel fresh and interesting when you are in a new venue each week. There are also a few theatres that I have not previously worked in so I am looking forward to experiencing them.

What would you say the most important reason to support regional theatre is? We should always be encouraging voices from all walks of life and all backgrounds to work in the Arts – it helps to make sure that the broadest variety of voices and stories are heard. For this to happen, theatres need to inspire, attract and work with people from all parts of the country. Theatres can represent a community hub, providing so many important aspects such as jobs, opportunities and education.

What can we expect from this production? It is a comedy, but like all good comedies it is first and foremost an interesting and sometimes tragic story, with some fantastic performances. It is also a fascinating snapshot of 1970s Britain and thanks to such a great design team, I think the set and costumes will also look fantastic and enrich this period aspect.

Why should people book a ticket? Alan Ayckbourn is one of this country’s best-known playwrights and I personally think this is his most interesting play. If you are familiar with his work you will get all the representative trademarks: great dialogue, wonderfully distinctive characters and a great story, but above all it’s very funny! If you are unfamiliar with Ayckbourn’s work, then you have all this to discover for the first time!

By Emma Clarendon

Absurd Person Singular will tour across the UK from the 25th February. For more information visit:

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