Mark Ruffalo stars in this new film from Todd Haynes, based on the true story of lawyer taking on a company that dumped toxic chemicals in West Virginia for years.

The Guardian: **** “It’s a procedural, and all the fascination is in the detail: the mounds of documents, the boardroom discussions, the cunning courtroom strategies and the heroic jiu-jitsu of using a corporation’s massive institutional weight against it.”

The Independent: **** “As crucial as cold facts and hard data are here, Haynes argues eloquently for the power of empathy. And, in Dark Waters, he bathes his audience in pure terror like very few other directors could.”

The Financial Times: **** ” As Sarah Bilott, a corporate lawyer herself, Anne Hathaway has a bigger role than many wives before her, but her chief function is still to panic as her husband appears gripped by paranoia.”

Empire: *** “Still, what it lacks in octane, Dark Waters makes up for in both sturdiness and substance, helped by Ruffalo’s ability to imbue Bilott with dogged determination and commitment.”

The Telegraph: **** “A quarter of a century ago, a young director by the name of Todd Haynes made cinema-goers everywhere sit up and mop their brows.”

City Am: “Dark Waters is less the tale of a protracted legal battle, but rather a portrait of the system as it defends itself, of a reckless corporate monolith operating outside of the law.”

Vulture Hound: **** “Dark Waters is, first and foremost, a meticulously plotted conspiracy thriller that primarily focuses on Ruffalo’s fiercely driven legal eagle, surrounded by stacks of filing boxes and intimidating reams of documents. There are few actors better at conveying the weight of the world on their shoulders and Ruffalo almost seems to withdraw, visibly greying, into the collar of his dark suit as the case draws on and on.”

Dark Waters is released in cinemas on the 28th February.


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