Review Round Up: David Hockney: Drawing From Life, National Portrait Gallery

Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews for this latest David Hockney exhibition.

David Hockney, “Self Portrait with Red Braces”, 2003
David Hockney/Photo Credit: Richard Schmidt.

Evening Standard: **** “Right now over at the Royal Academy there are line portraits by Picasso that show greater clarity, sureness and economy of line (there’s an early etching of a naked Hockney facing an indifferent Picasso; he liked to pay homage to the master), but the drawings here are still wonderful. The ink sketches of Gregory, in a mac, perched on columns in Rome, are delicate and fine.”

The Guardian: ***** “This exhibition reveals, with total freshness, an artist full of curiosity about himself and other people. Hockney rejoices in invention but never loses sight of his simple subject: being alive.”

The Daily Mail: **** “If we take time to study each masterly image, we shall see how Hockney has changed and adapted a bewildering array of media to portraiture as he and his friends have aged over 50 years.”

Time Out: *** “But while we have it, we may as well enjoy it for what it is: a touching, intimate look at one of the nation’s best artists.”

The Telegraph: **** “David Hockney: Drawing from Life begins with a painting not a drawing – a scene-setter, establishing the exhibition’s theme. It feels familiar: isn’t that the picture of his parents from the Tate? But no: this is an earlier, unfinished version, long thought destroyed, which Hockney discovered, still bearing traces of masking tape, while rootling around his LA studio for this show.”

Culture Whisper: **** “hese paintings stand as a testament to lasting friendships and one man’s irrepressible spirit. Nothing here suggests that Hockney is ready to hang up his paintbrush (perish the thought), or that his powers of observation are waning.”

City Am: “There are moments of brilliance in this exhibition, but as a retrospective of Hockney’s prolific career, it feels slightly cobbled together. Drawing from Life might be testament to Hockney’s capability as a draughtsman, but overall it is in need of a slightly bigger splash.”

The Times: ** “David Hockney: Drawing from Life, which opens this week at the National Portrait Gallery in London, seeks but fails to find a fresh slant by focusing specifically on his portrait drawings.”

David Hockney: Drawing From Life is on display at the National Portrait Gallery until the 28th June.

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