Five Minutes with…Melinda Hughes and Alison Limerick

The pair chatted to Emma Clarendon about their upcoming show Diva II Diva at Brasserie Zedel.

Hi both – what can we expect from Diva II Diva? 

Melinda: Musical mashups, eclectic styles and silliness

Alison: songs , some sassiness . . . and frocks.   

What are you most looking forward to about performing at Crazy Coqs? 

Melinda: It’s a gorgeous venue and the cocktails are fantastic!

Alison: it’s a very stylish venue and audiences there have been warm and receptive to our brand of entertainment. 

How are you feeling about performing together again?

Melinda: Alison and I bring totally different elements to the show and I love working with her!

Alison: it’s always a  blast.

What kind of songs and music can audiences expect? 

Melinda: If Alison isn’t saying, then I won’t either- let’s just say there is something for everyone.

Alison: That would be telling so it’s best to come along and see for yourself.

How would you describe the show that you have lined up? 

Melinda: Eclectic, funny, entertaining, excellent musicianship from the band with a feel good factor.

Alison: It will be a feast for the ears – all sticky and fattening as the best foods are:  it may not be healthy but it should be enjoyable. 

Melinda Hughes and Alison Limerick: Diva II Diva at Brasserie Zedels is at 7pm on Thursday 12th March. For tickets go to

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