This new version based on Frances Hodgson Burnett’s popular novel is set for release in cinemas next month.

In the dark times that we currently live in, this is a great story to help to reinvigorate our lives with a bit of hope. While some perhaps feel that a fourth version of this story on the big screen (1911,1949 and 1993) is slightly excessive it is nevertheless a story and themes that still will have a massive impact on people emotionally today.

Although the story was initially set in the Edwardian period, Jack Thorne (whose recent adaptation of His Dark Materials was shown on the BBC) has reimagined the story in post World War II Britain, offering even more of an emotional core to the story.

The story follows that of Mary Lennox who has to move to Yorkshire to live with her uncle following the death of her parents and becomes ill herself. As she begins to recover, she discovers a secret walled garden and helps reinvigorate the neglected space.

It has to be said that this film, directed by Marc Muden, looks as though it is set to encapsulate both the sense of isolation, grief and loneliness that the story initially sets out to something that begins to blossom into hope and positivity. Visually the film manages to be as lavish as it is honest, to highlight why this is a story that is still so beloved.

The cast also look set to impress – particularly in through
Dixie Egerickx as Mary Lennox and Edan Hayhurst as Colin Craven, who judging from this trailer alone look set to offer wonderfully mature and well rounded performances that will hopefully propel both of them to even bigger success. But of course, they are more than capably supported by the reassuring presences of Julie Walters and Colin Firth- two actors who will ensure that the film is well grounded.

Some may question whether this version of the beloved story is necessary – but with its timeless themes of isolation, pain, grief, friendship and hope that seem even more relevant today than ever before. Hope in particular is exactly what we all need more of – which is why I’m looking forward to this film.

By Emma Clarendon

The Secret Garden is released in cinemas on the 10th April.