Interview With…David Yelland and Veronica Roberts

Emma Clarendon chatted to the pair about starring in the current UK tour of The Habit of Art.

(c)Michael Wharley.

How are you feeling about returning to be part of The Habit of Art?

David: Happy to re-join what was a happy experience!

Veronica: Excited, nervous and blessed.

For those who haven’t seen the play what can they expect?

David: Humour, warmth and stimulation.

Veronica: A glimpse and insight into the chaotic and offer hilarious world of rehearsing a play, and the courage and commitment it takes.

What made you want to be part of this production?

David: Great part in a fun play.

Veronica: The part, the play and the director – Philip Franks, who is great to work for.

What did you like about Alan Bennett’s play when you read it?

David: The blend of humour and more serious themes of friendship, betrayal etc.

Veronica: The complex canvas of characters. It is like a wonderful dance, and I find it funny and also very moving.

Could you tell me more about the characters you are playing?

David: Just an honour to portray a great artist.

Veronica: Kay is head girl, captain of the ship, holding it all together, but has deep love and understanding for those she works with.

Why should people book a ticket?

David: All of the above!

Veronica: It is fun, it’s funny, it’s rich, it speaks to the courage it take to put on a play.

By Emma Clarendon

The Habit of Art begins touring at Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne on 18 March. It will play Fairfield Halls, Croydon from 4 – 9 May.

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