Interview With…Alisha Bailey

The actress chatted to Emma Clarendon about the 10th anniversary production of Bruce Norris’ multi award winning Clybourne Park at the Park Theatre.

(c) Mark Douet

Hi Alisha – how are you feeling about being part of this 10th anniversary revival of Clybourne Park? Has it really been 10 year?! I’m excited. A little nervous. We’re just over a week into the rehearsal process of this monster.  It’s such a brilliant play. There’s definitely lots to get my head around, but getting to comb through Clybourne Park, every day, is just incredible. 

For those who haven’t seen the play before what is it about? Without giving too much away, Clybourne Park takes place in the home Lena Younger (Of Lorraine Hansberry’s 1959 hit, A Raisin in the Sun), purchases for her family. The first act is set in 1959, the second in 2009.Themes of gender, race, class, are addressed, and Bruce shine light on how conversations around these themes have, and have not changed in the fifty years. 

What was it about Bruce Norris’s play that made you want to be part of this production? I think Clybourne Park is such a wonderful piece of writing. The play is an enjoyable one to both read and watch.It’s a meaty play and I feel really privileged to get to explore it in this way.

How have you found working on the production so far? It’s been a minefield! In the absolute best way. We’re building a company so generous, and kind. We are exploring Delicate issues with such sensitivity. I’m getting to grips with the play and the characters, and finding more every day. So far so good!

What can audiences expect from this production? Audiences should expect the conversation to continue once the metaphorical curtain goes down.

By Emma Clarendon

Clybourne Park will run at the Park Theatre from the 25th March until the 2nd May.

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