The reviews are in for the world premiere of this new musical based on the hit film.

© Sean Ebsworth Barnes

WhatsOnStage: **** “an impressive and exhilarating musical adventure, faithfully reinvigorating a classic of cinema history while leaving its own dazzling impression sure to last long into the future.”

Chorley Guardian: “This is no doubt this a new fresh take on a much-loved film that balances the nostalgic reproduction with humour and new and glorious sci-fi themes, adding a thousand gigawatts to the story and an undeniable wow-factor.”

I Love Manchester: *** 1/2 “There is a great show in here somewhere, but a great musical needs big and bold songs that take you on a journey and leave you humming the tunes. When songs from the original movie are performed, the audience whoop and cheer, as that’s why they have come Back to the Future: to feel the Power of Love.”

London Theatre Direct:Back to the Future the musical has everything you look for in a production, and more. The world premiere of this show has audiences going into the Manchester Opera House wondering how they were going to pull it off. From the get-go, they completely immerse you into the story, via the incredible set which comes out into the auditorium making you feel that bit closer.”

London Theatre1: **** “this isn’t the kind of production to get frustrated about with regards to not being in chronological order – it’s about time travel! It’s not quite 1.21 gigawatts (if you know, you know) of theatrical power, but this is an ambitious and delightful production.”

Manchester Evening News: ***** “The quality of the new music, alongside the faultless casting, show how this musical stands on its own two feet and is much more than just a mere extension of the film series.”

Mancunian Matters: “Casting is spot-on. It’s almost as if they used the DeLorean to go back and bring the stars into the future. Marty McFly is perfectly portrayed by Olly Dobson, replicating Michael J. Fox’s iconic performance, both in dance and in style. But perhaps even better is Hugh Coles’ portrayal of George McFly as a teenager. His mannerisms make you believe you are watching Crispin Glover 35 years ago.”

Northern Soul: ***** “Back to the Future: The Musical does precisely what it sets out to do, dishing out top-notch frothy stage entertainment suitable for all ages, though now with an extra layer of nostalgia – for the 80s as well as the 50s.”

The Stoke Sentinel: “Roger shines in the role, which isn’t easy to do when it’s so iconic but he somehow seems to make it his own while giving due reverence to the Doc we all know and love. The energy he brings to his performance never wanes and it’s a showstopper every time he graces the stage.”

Total Ntertainment: “This musical has been 15 years in the making and it has been well worth the wait.  The production has been polished until it sparkles, the audience are ready for some good old fun and it’s here in the form of what can only be described as an absolutely amazing tour de force. “

Back to the Future continues to play at the Manchester Opera House until the 17th May.