Interview With…Lisa Jen Brown

The actress chatted to Emma Clarendon about starring in Milky Peaks at the Theatr Clwyd from the 20th March.

(c)Brian Roberts.

Hi Lisa, could you explain what Milky Peaks is about? Milky Peaks is about a small town in snowdonia that’s incredibly welsh, they think they have been nominated for an award called Britain’s Best  town for being so Welsh, they later learn it’s  not Britain’s best town… but an award being given by Britain’s Best extreme right wing party, who love the way the welsh have kept outsiders out!  It’s is fiercely funny… very very sparkly and sexy though, it’s political and stupid and just the best thing ever.

 Essentially it seems to be a story of community pulling together – do you think it is still something that still exists as much today as it used to? I live in a Welsh community where I see community  pulling together on a daily basis. It’s what we’ve always done, there is no doubt community can be problematic- but in chaos and crisis, and for the odd celebration – our bonds gets pulled tighter.  

How did you become involved with the production? I auditioned for the part at the London Welsh Centre in London and got offered to R&D the work last Summer- I fell in love with the story and the songs and the message of this musical! I’d worked with Mathew (who plays Pariah and is the associate director)  on a show for WMC so i’m sure he might have mentioned I was Welsh and could sing to the creators!)

What was it about the story that caught your attention? The story is a story that has to be told, we are ready… more eager than ever to listen…. it speaks to me so much and I feel a duty at this point in our history- to share it.

What are you most looking forward to about being involved with Milky Peaks? The fact I get to sing these incredible songs in a daily basis is immense.. I am at my happiest harmonising and feeling the grove of these phenomenal hits! I love them!

What can we expect from this production?  This production is funny and manic, poignant and political, sparky and sexy and queer- expect to be knocked over the head with joy, expect to be moved, to be hysterical, to shed a tear… you’ll be covered in goose pimples at times, it’s bonkers… It’s time for this show now, we need this more than ever! Spirits of Wales are calling…. 

By Emma Clarendon

Milky Peaks will play at Theatr Clwyd from the 20th March until the 11th April before embarking on a national tour.

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