If you are able under the current circumstances to spend today with your mum – here’s a few good films to sit and watch with her….

Bridget Jones’s Diary: while Bridget’s mum may come across as slightly overbearing at times there’s no denying that she always has Bridget’s best interests at heart. This is particularly true with regards to Mark Darcy – proving that mum always knows best!

Mamma Mia!: there is nothing like a good sing along to celebrate and with a central relationship between mother and daughter at the heart of the story this makes this film an ideal watch. Based on the hit musical, this is a warm- hearted and feel good film that is guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face.

Bend it Like Beckham: filled with plenty of laughs, this film tells the story of Jess who wants to be a footballer – but her family are very conservative, with her mum being particularly resistant. Ultimately though it is uplifting as it shows how despite differences in opinion a family can always pull together.

Brave: for those with younger kids looking for a film to enjoy together, Brave is definitely one of the best Pixar and Disney films to come out in recent years. It is smart, funny and definitely refreshingly unique in its message, particularly with regards to its focus on the complexity of a relationship between mother and daughter.

Pride and Prejudice: for those who are looking for a more classic love story to watch unfold – this is definitely one to watch. To watch the relationship between Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett unfolding is certainly heartwarming – filled with wit and forward thinking that makes Jane Austen’s story so beloved.

Freaky Friday: while this is a remake, it is still a hilarious take on how mother and daughter are forced to take on each others lives, after their constant arguments get them into trouble. I love the fact that it teaches both of them that neither of their lives are perfect and should in fact accept each other for who they are.

Stepmom: for those in the mood for a tearjerker this will be the one for you. But this absolutely honest and heartbreaking film shows how the role of being a step mum is not an easy one but can also help to heal some of the wounds that come from a broken family. A really enjoyable watch.


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