Weddings are a great time for chaos to take place as this good natured if slightly over the top film proves.

If you had to describe this film it feels like a combination of Groundhog Day mixed with four Weddings and a Funeral as one wedding descends into chaos with multiple outcomes put forward.

This new Netflix film directed by Dean Craig (who also wrote the screenplay) follows the events of Hayley’s (Eleanor Tomlinson) wedding day as her brother Jack tries to keep the day running smoothly despite running into ex-girlfriend Amanda, the girl who got away Dina, Marc who wants to stop the wedding and a host of other characters along the way. It would be fair to say that things really don’t go according to plan.

With multiple scenarios thrown at the audience, it is a film that really delights in throwing as much chaos as possible – which is good fun to watch unfold even if at times the humour feels a bit too childish (Sidney’s incidents with his kilt particularly spring to mind). Each scenario unfolds as a ‘what if’ based around who is sitting where at the wedding table and does bring regular laughs when not focusing on genital jokes that do become tiresome quite quickly.

This being said, it is a pacy film that is bold and brash in its intent – determined to try and stand out from other romantic comedies. It works to an extent because of all the ways in which a wedding could go wrong are brought to the forefront rather than focusing on the happiness of the occasion. In particular, the confusion of which glass Jack puts some sleep medication leads to some memorable moments involving Bryan or the way in which Jack Farthing’s Marc staggers around the wedding trying to cause trouble make the film at its strongest when it comes to the physical comedy moments.

It is perhaps safe to say that despite being billed as a romantic comedy, it doesn’t feel overly sentimental – except in the last five minutes when we discover whether Jack has any luck talking to Dina about how he feels. This ensures that perhaps this film will have a wider appeal in terms of its audience.

Performance wise there is quite a few quirky characters who are brought to life to great effect. Jack Farthing is brilliant as the coked up and unpredictable Marc determined to cause as much trouble for Hayley as possible, Tim Key as the sweet if slightly boring Sydney with his numerous kilt issues, Eleanor Tomlinson as the increasingly stressed out bride Hayley and Olivia Munn as smart and charming (as well as the most normal character of them all) Dina.

This is a film that sparkles for the most part due to brilliant characterisations and its unique approach to what a romantic comedy looks like in 2020.

By Emma Clarendon

Love Marriage Repeat is available now on Netflix.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


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