NEWS: Frantic Assembly Announce New Digital Resource

This newly launched online resource will allow audiences behind the scenes of some of the company’s productions.

Theatre company Frantic Assembly have now launched a new virtual resource, Frantic Digital, to offer audiences insight into some of their productions including  Beautiful BurnoutLovesong, Othello and Things I Know to be True.

In response to the current lockdown, Frantic Assembly will release a series of videos via Frantic Digital each week all based around a different production. The aim of the project is to allow people to engage with the company’s work in a new way – including creative challenges,  practical warm-ups and revealing how shows were made.

Each week, co-founder and Artistic Director of Frantic Assembly Scott Graham will reconnect with actors writers and creative practitioners for Frantic Flashbacks, videos which will share insights into the creative and rehearsal process. Frantic Flashbacks will combine specially recorded conversations with former cast members and the creative team, with never-before seen rehearsal footage and archive production material.

Audiences will also be invited to take part in different creative challenges in Frantic Create. Led by Scott Graham and Frantic Associates, these weekly challenges will involve everything from creating your own boxing-inspired choreography to rewriting Shakespeare. 

Talking about the project, Scott Graham said: “The need for connection is even greater in these strange times but Frantic Digital looks beyond our current situation. We are creating meaningful ways for people to connect with the work and the processes behind it, for us to help unlock creativity in artists, teachers and students, empowering each to find their voice. The ambition is beyond a retrospective and ultimately aims to find new creative outlets for Frantic Assembly.”

The plan for the project is as follows:

Week 1: Beautiful Burnout

W/c 6 April

Frantic Flashback

Scott Graham will take you through how the boxing choreography for Beautiful Burnout was created and the stages of development and training the actors underwent. The film features unseen rehearsal footage as well as archive production material.

Warm Up With Us

Simon Pittman leads a vigorous warm up inspired by the rehearsal process of Beautiful Burnout.

Frantic Creative

Frantic Associate Simon Pittman leads a practical task, challenging you to create choreography based on the physicality of boxing.

Frantic Flashback interview

Scott Graham chats to performer and Frantic Assembly practitioner Maggie Ann Bain about her experience in Beautiful Burnout.

Week 2: Lovesong

W/c 13 April

Frantic Flashback

Scott Graham talks through the genesis and development of this collaboration with writer Abi Morgan. Lovesong is about a relationship in its final moments, as a couple look back over their life together. Scott focusses on the significance of a particular physical section of the play where their memories and the present come crashing together. The film features unseen rehearsal footage as well as archive production material.

Warm Up With Us

Frantic Associate Sophie Shaw leads a gentle, stretchy warm-up, which was used in the Lovesong rehearsal process.

Frantic Creative

Simon Pittman sets a creative task inspired by a scene from Lovesong.

Frantic Flashback interview

Scott Graham chats to actor Ed Bennett about his role and experience performing in Lovesong.

Week 3: Othello

W/c 20 April

Further details to be released on Monday 20 April

Week 4: Things I Know To Be True

W/c 27 April

Further details to be released on Monday 27 April

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