Interview With…Tom Brace

Emma Clarendon spoke to the magician about participating in the upcoming All the Web’s a Stage taking place on the 23rd April.

For those who aren’t aware how will All the Web’s a Stage work? So All the Web’s a Stage will be a livestream throughout Shakespeare Day, this Thursday 23rd April.We’ve got performers from loads of disciplines including musical theatre, cabaret, comedy, and magic, who are all coming together for a special one off online concert. It’s completely free, but you
can donate to support three brilliant charities during the stream.

How are you feeling about being part of it? I’m thrilled to be part of this huge event. The arts are constantly looked over and taken for granted
by those that don’t work in that sector. During this lockdown state, it’s the artists, filmmakers,actors, tv producers that are providing entertainment for millions of people. A day to highlight how important these people are is fantastic.

It’s such a great idea – but what was it that really made you want to be involved? The charities that we are raising money for are fantastic. I vowed that during this lockdown I wouldn’t do any online “virtual” magic shows. I wanted to do this as I felt this was for an excellent
cause and extremely important.

How have you been coping with the lockdown? Ups and downs. I’m currently writing a new magic show to tour in autumn and so it’s been super useful to learn some new material. Some days I’m out of bed, reading on my balcony in the sunshine and it’s glorious. Some days I stay in bed all day and eat a pizza. And it’s absolutely fine to do either!

How are you feeling about performing in front of an audience that you can’t see? Quite nervous! Magic is very much a two way experience. Magic to me is real. But it is in the mind of the spectator. If I can’t talk to volunteers or react with them, I have no idea what’s going on! However it’s an excellent challenge and I’m going to try and pull it out of the bag for the show!

How did you first get into magic? So I was 23 when I first got into magic. I was working at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for a venue and I saw a magician walking around doing magic. His name is Jim Campbell. His magic inspired me and so on the way back down from Edinburgh after a long month, I went straight to International Magic. It’s a small magic shop in Clerkenwell. I turned up with all of my bags from Edinburgh and
bought my first trick. I’ve been addicted since!

What do you enjoy the most about what you do? Talking to people! My job is walking around either up close or on a stage, meeting people and talking to them. I love it. You meet some fascinating people and at the same time get to blow their minds. I always wanted to be an entertainer when I was younger and now I get to do that as a job.

By Emma Clarendon

Audiences will be able to watch All the Web’s A Stage for free here on the 23rd April. For those wanting to donate visit:

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