It has been announced that Richmond’s Orange Tree Theatre will stream an exclusive conversation with Judi Dench hosted by Gyles Brandreth.

Filmed live at the Orange Tree Theatre in 2017, this is an exclusive 90 minute in conversation with Dame Judi Dench which will be available online from 3pm on Sunday 26 April. It is a paid video on demand, with all money being raised going to the Orange Tree Theatre’s survival fund following its closure due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Throughout the conversation, audiences will hear entertaining, funny and touching stories from Dame Judi’s incredible career filmed at the Orange Tree Theatre and available to watch from the comfort from their own home.

Talking about the news, Artistic Director Paul Miller said: “This film records one of my happiest days ever: the day Judi came to the Orange Tree. It’s 90 minutes of enormous fun and fascinating insights, in the company of a national treasure with few, if any, rivals for our collective affection. We hear about John Gielgud and Peggy Ashcroft; Clint Eastwood and Johnny Depp; about Ken Branagh, Peter Hall and how to speak Shakespeare. The crucial importance of company spirit runs through it all like a golden thread. And what company she is: this is a treat to savour in your home, while we wait to welcome you back to ours one day.”

To view, audiences will pay £4.99 and it will be able to watch through the Orange Tree Theatre’s website. Since closing its doors on the 16th March, the theatre has lost 74% of its income.

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