NEWS: Lambert Jackson Productions and The Theatre Cafe Announce Final Leave a Light On Concert

Today it was announced that Lambert Jackson Productions and The Theatre Cafe will present the farewell concert of the Leave a Light On series on the 29th May.

After 72 concert performances, the Theatre Cafe and Lambert Jackson Productions have confirmed that the Leave a Light On series will end on Friday 29 May at 6.30pm with a finale concert by Beverley Knight. Other performers in the final week include Adam Bailey, Scott Hunter, Joel Harper-Jackson, and David O’Reilly.

Talking about the news, Jamie Lambert and Eliza Jackson said today, “Theatre is the lifeblood of the UK. We have always believed this, and we are grateful to have worked with The Theatre Café to bring entertainment to households around the UK and the world in a way that has supported so many artists. We have been so moved by the responses from both the performers who wanted to be involved and the audience members who have supported the shows. It hasn’t been without difficulty – creating a streaming platform of this size during a lockdown isn’t easy and we’d like to thank our amazing team at Gininet and all of the teams and the press who have supported this endeavour. We feel it’s a fitting end to the series to have Beverley Knight as the closing show, and we are going to continue working to see how we can play our part to help keep theatre alive for the foreseeable future.”

Over the last ten weeks, the Leave the Light on series of concerts have helped to raise money for performers struggling financially due to the Covid-19 pandemic. By the end of the series, a total of 72 artists will have performed 45-minute concerts from their homes.

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